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- Here is Hasbrouck & Tindal's Oral Reading Fluency Data - use this table to determine whether a child needs to start with
fluency training or comprehension. Students scoring 10 or more words below the 50th percentile at any given grade level should be provided with a fluency-building program.

Articles on inclusion:

- Creating Learning Opportunities for Children with Severe Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom
- Adapting Activities in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science in the Inclusive Classroom
- Coteaching - an Inclusive Curriculum for Transition
- Helping Students with Disabilities Participate in Standards-Based Math Instruction
- Strategies for Success in Inclusive Classrooms
- Using parapros in the regular ed classroom
- Questionaire to use prior to co-teaching situation

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Articles about reading programs and differentiating instruction

Considerations when selecting a reading program
- Components of Effective Reading Programs
- Article on Culturally Responsive Literacy Instruction
- Using alternative reading structures for differentiating reading instruction
Using mnemonic instruction to help struggling readers
Differentiating instruction in reading
Research on Collaborative Strategic Reading
- Strategic Instruction Model practices for teaching reading
- Computer Assisted Learning
- Research on REWARDS reading program
- Online support for differentiating in the classroom


- Curriculum Based Measurement

- Scientifically based research on CBM
- Providing Access to Assessment

Other articles

- Best Instructional Practices
- Intervention checklist considerations
- We remember 10% of what we read....