I have spent 27 years of my life`involved in teaching and/or supervising in the area of special education. Please help yourself to the materials on this page from some of my recent classes and presentations.

STUDENTS: If you are unable to attend a class session, please let me know via email as soon as you can. I will try to have the powerpoint and as many handouts from the class session already here on my wiki prior to class time. In particular, check out the GAME plan for the session and the powerpoint.

Please be aware that your grade may be adversely affected by missing class, however, I am willing to try to accommodate you if you can let me know in advance.

Individual Self-Assessment for Instructional Unit Group Project :

Assignment clarification:

FAQ: On your group project: Each member of your group will upload the SAME project into Taskstream: same narrative, same assessment, same lessons, same assistive tech, same description of class, etc. The reflection will be each of your thoughts AS IF you are really teaching the instructional unit. The uploaded reflection may be different for each of you. (example: when teaching this lesson, I will make sure that.....blah blah blah) For your classroom oral presentation, however, EACH of you will tell a little about your own field experience: type of class, student profiles, and EACH of you will demonstrate an assessment that you developed for your personal field experience. This should take only about 5 minutes of the presentation. The rest of the 15 minute presentation will be demonstrating and explaining your group project that you each upload to Taskstream.

Hint: Don't shortchange the assistive tech piece of your project.

Instructions for taking your online chapter assessments, EDCI548
Syllabus for AU's EDCI548 Assessing and Teaching students with mild/moderate disabilities, Fall 2008
GAME plan for session 1
Powerpoint for AU's EDCI548 Assessing and Teaching students with mild/moderate disabilities, CH 1
Examples of Baseline Data for PLOPs
GAME plan for session 2
Powerpoint for AU's EDCI548, Session 2, How the Brain Works
Writing goals, objectives, accommodations in-class activity from session 2
Intervention checklist
Teaching Strategies from Eric Jensen's brain research
Checklist of reasonable classroom accommodations
Checklist of parapro tasks
Questionnaire for co-teachers in inclusive classroom
Instructing students with learning disabilities jigsaw activity
Special ed Rights and Responsibilities
Classroom scenarios for Walkabout activity, session 3
GAME plan for session 3
Powerpoint for session 3, chapter 1& 2, Learning Environment and Planning and Organizing Instruction
Article on CBM research on progress monitoring
Overview of SLD identification/eligibility
Article for CBM jigsaw, session 5
GAME plan for session 6
Grading Dos and Don'ts in class activity, session 6
Article for Grading dos and don'ts poster, in class activity, session 6
Using CBM in class activity, session 6
Powerpoint for session 6, chapter 3, Assessment
Powerpoint for sessions 7 and 8, Alignment
Group questions from chapter 7 for 10/23/08 class, session 9
Walkabout activity for session 10, Oct. 30
Group questions for chapter 8 for 10/30 class session 10
Link to National Reading Panel report click here
Link to Read Naturally online demo click here
Link to REWARDS reading program for adolescents and adults click here
Link to Florida Center for Reading Research click here
FCRR report on the REWARDS program
Link to Headsprout for online demo click here - reading program for preschool through about grade 2 - money back guarantee that child will be at the mid-second grade level after completing the 80 episodes UNLESS the child has a disability. No guarantee for SWDs, but still valuable for advancing their reading progress.
Link to Autoskill Academy of Reading and Academy of Math click here- software for reading and math intervention from about grade 2 through adult
Link to Flashcard Exchange - this requires a one-time membership fee of $19.95
Group questions for chapter 9 for 11/6 class session 11
Scenarios for group activity, chapter 9, 11/6 session 11
Scenarios for group activity, chapters 10 and 11, 11/13 session 12
Link to 6 Traits Writing activities online click here suitable for elementary students and/or low-level swd's
Link to 6 Traits Plus 1 Writing activities click here suitable for middle school and up
Please see Invigorating Math Instruction page at this web site for information on teaching math for session 12
IEP forms

Download a copy of the July 1, 2008 special education laws and operating standards by Clicking HERE
Download ODE's IEP interrater tool byclicking HERE
Download a copy of Ohio's Academic Content Standards byclicking HERE
Link to the IRIS web site, click HERE
Link to Mercer and Mercer textbook for EDCI548 click HERE
Link to Intervention Central, click HERE
Link to a searchable database for assistive technology click HERE
Link to Infohio GREAT website for resources click HERE