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From Teaching to Learning: Establishing a Learning System

Participants in this workshop will see how one teacher effectively set up a high-performing learning system. Learn the difference between a teaching system and a learning system and see the benefits of moving to the Baldrige-inspired learning system. The teacher serves as instructional leader whose role is to make the learning objectives clear and understandable, and then to provide the training and tools necessary for the students to produce learning. Use quality tools like the histogram, data folders, issue bin, plus-deltas, and quick checks to create a system in which students take responsibility for their own learning. This training is NOT the definitive "how to," but just illustrates the way ONE teacher applied Baldrige principles to establish a learning system.

This presentation can be a one or two-hour workshop, but can be expanded to train teachers how to set up their own learning system in a 2 to 6-hour in-service.


Pretest - what is the difference between a teaching system and a learning system?

Powerpoint of classroom learning system presentation

URLs to online Baldrige resources

Portfolio forms and procedures Click here to check out a web site that has forms and procedures to use for student portfolios, as well as a host of other forms that you may find handy for school use. This is a commercial site with a subscription, but you can view three things for free and/or get a 7-day trial, if you don't mind clicking through the ads to look at some printables.

Online portfolio form templates This link takes you to a very handy template where you can create your own forms to use with portfolios. FREE and no ads because it's from a government site.

For more forms to use in portfolios, see the Doable Differentiation page on this website.