Professional Development Topics and Resources

Doable Differentiation

This workshop may be offered in various formats from a 3-semester hour course with up to 40 contact hours to a 1-hour overview presentation, depending on how you would like to use it. Learn how to meet the diverse needs of students in your classroom by differentiating content, product, and process according to a student's learning style, readiness level, or interest. Experience whole-class instructional strategies that differentiate and examine various online or hands-on teaching tools, including our Strategy Ring. Find out how technology can help you differentiate. This training emphasizes the practical "how to's" of differentiation so that participants walk away with the knowledge to begin differentiating instruction in the classroom right away. Help yourself to the resources below by clicking on a link to download the hand-outs or powerpoint shown.


Cool Link for Differentiated Lessons Click for the Connections web site which will provide links to several sites with differentiated lessons already written for you

Lexile to grade level conversion chart

MVNU lesson plan rubric to use for final project

Questions for 3 Levels of What activity for use in the classroom

- 35 Ways to Increase Learning based on Eric Jensen's work

List of Best Instructional Practices

Differentiated Instruction grid and task cards for training activity

Instructions for Differentiated Literacy activity for classroom use

- Ideas for differentiated math activities at the elementary level

Articles from ASCD on flexible grouping and respectful tasks

Fishbone organizer to use as a quality tool

Instructions for conducting a jigsaw activity in your classroom

Instructions for using Cubing in your classroom

- list of web sites that help you differentiate

- Powerpoint for the one-hour differentiation overview presentation

- Powerpoint for the 3-hour differentiation presentation

- We remember 10% of what we read......etc.

- Intro powerpoint for Doable Differentiation 3 semester hour course, part 1

- Doable Differentiation 3 semester hour course, part 2

- Making a Mind Map instructions

Syllabus for 3 semester hour course

Bonny’s Favorite ONLINE Resources for Educators

Starfall – – early reading
Cable in the Classroom - - online video resource, educational programming
The Ohio Channel - online videos of government/politics
The Weather Channel for Kids - interactive site, weather games, cool clips
The Reading Planet - - Readalong stories and songs
The Research Channel - online videos, science
LaHavre Bank of Online Resources - - big list of interactive web sites for K-12 education, all subjects
Dositey - - free activities, printables, etc. for reading and math
Gamequarium - - interactive math games
National Geographic Kids - games, videos, social studies
Brainbashers - - puzzles, games, riddles
Fact Monster - online reference site for K-12, homework help, all subjects
I Know That - - interactive activities for grades K-6, all subjects
Cool Math - interactive math games for ages 13-100
Math Playground - - games, videos, math problems, online manipulatives
Powerpoint Game Templates - great to use with a projector, enter your own content
Jeopardy Labs - online templates for Jeopardy game
InfoHio – – plan to spend a lot of time here! TONS of resources
Make Beliefs - - online comic generator
Cool Tools for Schools - LOTS of stuff of all kinds – check it out!
Class Tools - - allows you to create your own games, video, diagrams, etc. using Flash
Quizlet - create your own flash cards, vocabulary studies
Teacher Xpress - one-stop shopping – everything you ever want or need that relates to teaching
Learn Out Loud - podcasts, videos, freebies, all subjects
San Francisco Symphony for Kids - – music
National Zoo - - photos, live cams, science
The History Channel - videos, games, history
Spelling City - online study, games for spelling, you enter your own list
Teachers’ Tools:
Class Timer -
Intervention Central –
CAST web site – – click on “products and tools” - tools for modifying for special needs students
Ohio Resource Center – – lesson plans, all kinds of resources
Cognitive Strategy Instruction -

Edmodo - teachers can set up a facebook-like web site for the classroom -

Udemy - the academy of You - share videos, interact online -

These are actually handouts for co-teaching training, but by popular request, I'm putting it here for those in my Doable Differentiation class who want them:
- Interpersonal styles worksheets
- Questionnaire for co-teachers to work through together before they work together.
- Individuals/Pairs/Extra Help Technique for co-teaching

ALSO, some of you were asking for more information on student portfolios. Here are some forms you may find helpful in using student portfolios:
A portfolio checklist students can use to assess the writing sample of a peer or self
A form that the teacher can use to rate portfolios
A form students can use to evaluate their own portfolio samples
Another self-evaluation checklist for students in preparing their portfolios
A checklist to use for evaluating the group oral presentation of peers for portfolio use
Very cool form a student can use to self-evaluate their own participation and/or effort for inclusion in their portfolios
You could use this checklist as a sample, because it's pretty specific to given learning goals for very specific type of portfolio
A guide for portfolio use
Again, this one has specific suggestions for a final portfolio assessment for specific academic content/skills
Checklist for students to do a final self-assessment in their portfolios

Online portfolio form templates Click on this link for an online portfolio form-making template. It's quite handy and FREE with no ads because it's a Vermont government site.